Nisti Stêrk was born i 1977 in Diyarbakir in Turkey. She came to Sweden 1983. Today she is an actress, writer, theater- and film producer. She runs her own production company Sterk Production. Nisti is well known among the Swedish audience for her nationwide tours with her one-woman shows “The World of Zeyno” and For Sweden with the Times. She is a beloved participant in popular TV-shows as Sing Along at Skansen, Dobbido, På Spåret etc. 2006 she was a summer host at the Swedish Radio. Nisti has been a popular contributing editor at several newspapers, Stockholm City and Göteborgs Posten and the weekly magazine Hennes awarded her the prize as the “Most Inspiring Person of the Year” 2008. And the same year she became the “Stand-up-artist of the year”, Norrköping, Sweden. She has received several awards for her performing and she is frequently contracted as a speaker and host for shows and events.



  • 2006 Stallbrödernas Bosse Parnevik-stipendium
  • 2006 Radiopriset (Du gamla du fria)
  • 2006 Kommunala landstingets stipendium
  • 2004 Fadime-priset (Elektras systrar)
  • 2003 Årets ståuppare (Rookie Norrköping)